Human Tecar with the Global Champions League in 2016

The second – and final – hurdle has been successfully cleared.  We are not (yet) reporting live from the first Global Champions League show jumping team competition: the hurdle in question was the request for an “exclusivity clause” that would have limited the riders’ freedom of choice, preventing them from taking part in the revolutionary new format devised by the Global Champions Tour (individual show jumping circuit), which will see Olympic and World Champions compete in team races every Friday in 15 spectacular destinations worldwide.

The Brussels Court of Appeal has ruled in favor of a previous complaint by GCL (June 2015) against the FEI’s “exclusivity clause”, effectively enabling the launch of the new circuit.

This will consist in a series of events characterized by unprecedented prize money, inaugurating what GCT co-owner, Frank H McCourt Jr, has called “a new and exciting era for show jumping” that will build “a truly global fan base”.

Global Champions League means to safeguard the future of the sport and improve standards for horses and riders.  Horse welfare will remain, according to, “a top priority”: every GCL event will see an expert team of veterinarians from both GCT and the International Equestrian Federation on standby at the state-of-the-art horse welfare facilities, provided with Human Tecar technology and advanced diagnostic equipment.

Human Tecar has long supported both riders and horses, international athletes and premier league soccer players, Formula 1 drivers and the exquisite, delicate steeds that constitute the very heart of equestrian sports.

Of Wolves and Men: Synergy HCR and Stem Cell Transplants

Dr Offer Zeira’s San Michele Veterinary Hospital, located 25 miles southeast of Milan, is the gold standard of veterinary research in such highly specialized fields as neurology, neurosurgery, orthopedics, diagnostic imaging, oncology, regenerative medicine, specialist surgery and internal medicine.  Operating 24/7 throughout the year, it is not only famous for the professional excellence of its staff, avant-garde equipment and superb results, but for its 200% dedication to rescuing not just the pampered pets of loving households but stray dogs and wild animals – such as Spartaco, Cecco and Lilith, three gravely injured wolves that Dr Zeira restored to health and freedom…

On Saturday, November 21st, San Michele hosted an advanced course on the use of HCR 1001 technology in preparing tissue for stem cell transplants, notably in dogs.  A select group of Swedish and Italian veterinarians was in attendance and a new chapter was written in the history of veterinary medicine and the treatment of chronic osteoarticular conditions.

Participants were also introduced to some of the new-generation technology employed by Dr Zeira and his team, including proprioceptive Synergy Mats for canine rehabilitation and Synergy ViSS for neuromuscular treatment.

Nowhere like at San Michele does one feel that veterinary research and medical research in general act in synergy to improve the quality of life of all living creatures, great or small.

Human Tecar on the ball in the hottest equestrian sport

It may well be the most spectacular of all equestrian sports and is fast gaining ground worldwide, with France, Spain and Portugal its most enthusiastic proponents and top-class players.  Picture a mix of basketball and rugby.  On horseback.  The discipline is called horseball and is relatively recent: first played in France in the 1930s, it was further developed in that country in the ’70s.  Great fun to watch and inspiring to play from a very young age (six years old), horseball is particularly media-friendly, combining the beauty of thoroughbreds, the fascination of ball games and fast, eye-catching action.

One of its most promising and youngest players comes from an equestrian club in Madrid, Hípica La Plaza, and belongs to a team called BabySharks, in the under-14 category.  Her name is Leyre Vicioso, trained by Aitor Arango and riding Zowy.  The Human Tecar methodology recently supported Zowy after it suffered major injuries, notably lacerations of the superficial digital flexor tendon (SDT) in its right hoof.  Five days after it was injured, the veterinarian subjected Zowy to infiltration treatment and fifteen days later, it began Human Tecar treatment: 3 sessions on Friday, Sept. 9, 2 on Saturday 10, 1 on Monday 12 and 1 on Friday 16, for a total of 7 sessions.  Treatment was carried out under the supervision of EQUISAN veterinary clinic, owned and run by veterinary doctor Pablo Adrados.

Results were amazing: inflammation gone, tendon recovered, Zowy resumed its 10-minute trots in the morning and afternoon immediately afterwards.  In other words, recovery time was drastically reduced and rider and horse were able to prepare for the coming races in record time.

Needless to say, Zowy’s recovery caused a sensation at the Hípica La Plaza riding club and was a unique opportunity for horse owners and vets to witness first-hand what Human Tecar can achieve in veterinary medicine.

Human Tecar and Veterinary Excellence at Il Cavaliere Country Club

The Neapolitan Country Club, close to the historic racecourse of Agnano, is one of the most prestigious in the Italian riding world, offering a variety of activities that comprise hippotherapy, amusement park, manège and riding school.

On October 20, the exclusive equestrian venue featured a Human Tecar workshop for veterinarians, where participants could discover the methodology’s myriad applications from high-end riding, polo and show jumping events (e.g. Dr. Centinaio’s mobile clinic; the Global Champions Tour; dressage with Piero Sangiorgi – Federal Instructor and the only rider representing Italy in the Individual Dressage competition of the 2008 Beijing Olympics; supporting four-time gold medalist jumper Filippo Bologni; or internationally renowned veterinary orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Gottarelli, a major name in top-level horsemanship events) to the everyday challenges of their profession.

Human Tecar Synergy Mat small pets.

Madrid, May 1st, 2nd, 3rd 2015. Longines Global Champions Tour and Human Tecar.

The Global Champions Tour is the most important horse show in the world: an international circuit that started in Miami and that will end in Doha, Qatar, next November.
The Human Tecar task is to support the medical staff led by Dr. Alessandro Centinaio, preventing any kind of injury and acting quickly when a horse or a rider should run into a traumatic event. In all circuits, there is a workstation equipped with the Synergy HCR, qualified veterinarians and physiotherapists ready to assist day and night.
The service is highly appreciated and valued by riders thanks to the speed with which today it is possible to treat a physiotherapy problem.

Piero Sangiorgi: prevention techniques for a dressage horse.

The athletic performance of a horse racing depends to a great extent on its psychophysical maintenance, which is a condition that reduces the risk of injury. Piero Sangiorgi, horse rider of great experience and awareness, is convinced that adopting the best prevention techniques is the best way to prepare his horse for international competitions, such as the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio. After the most grueling activity, using the bandages with the Aromatic Fatigue Relieving Solution combined with other Human Tecar techniques that have been used for years by the greatest athletes in the world of professional sport, proves to be a very effective practice to cool down and to quickly eliminate stress and restore the necessary energy to face hard trainings or competitions.
If it’s not called Human Tecar, it will never give the benefits of Human Tecar.

The benefits of Synergy HCR on horses. Meeting with Dr. Roberto Gottarelli.

Dr. Gottarelli is a great supporter of Human Tecar and a national and international reference in the veterinary field, he represents a category from experts at the forefront for his openness to the scientific innovation. The passion to achieve more effective results in the treatment of horses led him to become a skilled expert on Human Tecar methodology, for the extraordinary benefits achieved on complex pathologies that were impossible to be solved in such a short time. In a recent technical meeting, the results so far achieved with the application of the Synergy HCR device for the treatment and prevention of acute and chronic muscular and osteoarticular pathologies on horses were evaluated, also in combination with the SHM by Human Tecar, which is a methodology born in the sports medicine and then adapted to the veterinary. In the coming months, important scientific work will be presented at many national and international congresses and training events are scheduled and addressed to the veterinary medicine bringing clarity to the field. In fact, as it happens often, even within the human physiotherapy, many companies in order to build their own identity take advantage using the names Tecar and Tecarterapia, thinking that they can boast of results that are actually the result of research and development that brought the Human Tecar methodology and related trademarks to the success.


Fourth place for Piero Sangiorgi on Gelo delle Schiave at the International Vidauban Dressage Competition in Portugal. Human Tecar always by his side.

A big round of applause to Piero Sangiorgi that riding “Gelo delle Schiave”, an extraordinary horse in his first international competition, won the fourth place in dressage, an equestrian discipline that requires greatest psychophysical condition of the athlete-horse in performing with grace and mastery the geometric movements imposed by the rider. Piero Sangiorgi, olympic rider, for his horses, adopts the same techniques with which Human Tecar assists the greatest champions in the world of professional human sport.



Human Tecar and the veterinary medicine: waiting for the Global Champions Tour, meeting at the Carlo Cattaneo University.

At Carlo Cattaneo University located in Castellanza, Varese, on March 7 was held a conference organized by the scientific magazine “Veterinary Project” dedicated to the work done by the veterinary team that accompanies jockeys and horses at the Global Tour arena, the most important event in the world on international show jumping.
Dr. Alessandro Centinaio, a specialist in competition horses, demonstrated to a specialized audience how the assistance to show jumping horses is becoming increasingly innovative in the treatment as much as in prevention. The Human Tecar participation was appreciated for the experience that was made available to horses and riders on the occasion of the Global Champions Tour.